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What To Bring?

If you’ve never been to a hotel before you may be wondering what exactly you need to bring and what they’ll have available for you to make your stay a great one. Since hotels pride themselves in making guests comfortable, you will find a lot of things waiting for you in the room.

Starting in the bathroom, most hotels have a supply of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soaps, and lotions for you to use during your stay. These will be replenished each day so go ahead and use them! You’ll also find a shower cap, tissues and, in some fancier establishments, an extra toothbrush in case you have forgotten yours. Lose a button? Seam coming apart on those favourite pants? Never mind, just find the sewing kit and you can fix those problems before they become an embarrassment.

You’ll also find a selection of towels, both large and small, a bath mat, a hair dryer, and in some cases, an anti-slip mat for the tub. Safety first, after all. If you need another towel or you spill the shampoo and need more, simply call the front desk and it will be delivered to you.

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